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If you are having problems with video, problems chatting or reading the chats, we are sorry to say that we will not help you with that. There are too many technical reasons why the video or chat does not work with your device or internet connection.


If you have an issue with something that is posted on our main web site url / domain, like:
https: // / naughtySally
then please use the front end admin contact form here.

The VIP.SexTipCams Section

If you have an issue with something that is published via our VIP section, our sub-domain..
eg: https: //

then you can contact VIP section support via:

Email VIP Support

(Billing, tokens, live video content, etc)


We do not control what the thousands of performers / independent contractors show via their live webcam stream. Each performer and each visitor to each performer’s page is responsible for not showing or sharing or watching any content that may be considered an issue in their own / your own locale. We do not control any content, and can not vouch for any particular thing said or otherwise communicated. The front end admin can go through and edit information on certain older posts, including removing images on posts older than 30 days, in most cases. However we get a LOT of spam emails and messages, and can not guarantee that a message you send today will be read of not get lost amongst spam messages. However if you do get in touch with us, and it is possible for us to remove any material that is of an issue, then we will as soon as possible in most cases.

Our system automatically generates content that is being shared live, and it also cache’s / saves some information including pictures, text and other information that is already being published. We work with a group of professionals in which we have established a years long relationship with and believe they are a great group of people who are trustworthy. We strive to maintain a positive relationship with the performers through this network and many others. Contact us if you need something, and please send another message if you have not gotten a reply within 48 hours.